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생일 축하해 시카야

우리 영원한 얼음 공주 ♥

Happy Birthday Jung Sooyeon~

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Happy Birthday Jung Sooyeon

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happy birthday, my bias forever jung jessica! ♥ no one will ever take your place in my heart because no one will ever be as lazy, sweet, cute, kind, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, lovable, and perfect as you are. never ever ever change because you are perfect in my eyes. i would never change you for anyone else in the world. i still remember the very first time i laid eyes on you and i still remember the first time i heard your beautiful voice. who knew that just from watching one mv, that i would become such a dedicated sone and gorjess spazzer? :) you are the best bias anyone could hope for. i love you so much!! you don’t know this, but you’ve changed my life for the better. i will always love you, jung jessica! have a great day on your birthday spending time with your family and friends. ♥

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